Welcome to Old Brumby United Church.

A Local Ecumenical Partnership joining St. Andrew's UR church with St. Mark's Methodist church.

To use in the most effective way our church buildings and resources as centres for worship and activity.
To communicate and tell the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Ministry of God’s people.
To teach all ages in the Way of Jesus. 
To tend to the needs of the community by sharing Christ’s Love
To transform society by speaking out against injustice
And to show by our responsible care of creation how much we treasure God’s love for us.
It is our hope that through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit we will be able to fulfil his vision in Old Brumby, Scunthorpe.

We hold a Sunday Service most weeks at 10:30, we sometimes vary the time and we often worship at other churches so please check our list of services.

Do you feel unsafe or are you being hurt?
Do you need advice about an urgent situation?
Contact Emergency Services on 999/101
or ring Adult Social Care on 01724 297979 or Childline on 0800 1111

or contact our Safeguarding Officer at safeguarding@oldbrumby.com

We have gathered here today, 5th October 2019, to formulate a human response to the climate emergency proclaimed by the British government.* We recognise our responsibility as members of a nation which by 200 years of intense industrial activity has made a heavy contribution to global warming: the great prosperity this has given us is at a great cost to the labouring classes and the two-thirds world. We have done little to alleviate the inequality and poverty which steadily increases.  We applaud the philanthropic work which has accompanied the industrial revolution.  We recognise the achievements of our politicians: the firm commitment of the Department for International Development (DfID) to Agenda 2030 and the offshore energy giants of Walney and East Anglia One and now the Scottish Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm.  But our government, in thrall to the military, financial, pharmaceutical and other conglomerates, is hopelessly blinkered and timid.  Without a dramatic change to our collective consumption of earth’s resources and our individual carbon footprints, the predicted collapse of civilisation is inevitable.  We confess that despair is a serious moral failing.  Inspired by Pope Francis’s Laudato Si′, by Greta Thunberg, by Agenda 2030 and Eco Church and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and in the name of all people of faith and goodwill, we humbly commit ourselves to pursue a cleaner, safer, happier world for the benefit of planet Earth and the good of all humanity.

Here at Old Brumby we take the environment seriously and we are looking into Solar Panels to generate our own electricity and replacing our gas heating with all-electric.

We have an extensive suite of rooms to hire (at competitive rates) for your group or activity. Please contact use below for a viewing and discussion.

We have a well-appointed kitchen and adequate toilet facilities (including a disabled access toilet).

Our rooms are available for 1-off bookings for parties etc. however as a Methodist building we are subject to a ban on alcohol on the premises.

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